Colorado Life

homeI thought I would give you a little insight into what we like about our life in Colorado.

Jack and I love to go to places around us.  We can be in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City, Salida, Buena Vista, Breckenridge, Garden of the Gods, The Royal Gorge, and a multitude of other places within two hours of our house.  When it’s warm in the summer, we go to higher elevations, or north.  In the winter, we go to lower elevations, or south.

When we lived in Omaha, Nebraska, people thought we were nuts to move here.  All they could think was that it was cold and snowy.  I have to admit that it does get cold (I think 21* below zero was the lowest) when the sun goes down, and sometimes during the day when it’s cloudy out.  However, it’s warm and dry enough, even in the winter, that I can hang clothes outside to dry all year long.  And, most of the time when it snows, the snow is light and fluffy and we just sweep it off our deck.  O.K., not so much in the spring time because the snow is a little wetter and heavier then, but the rest of winter has light, airy snow.

We have a lot of hot springs in our state.  Jack and I have a couple of favorite ones that we like to go to.  The best thing about our hot springs is that we can go in the middle of winter when it’s snowing and it’s perfect!  You can pick which area of the hot springs you want to be in so the temperature is right for you.  It’s very nice to be able to just sit and relax for awhile.  When we go, we close our eyes, clear our minds, and let the minerals in the water soak away any stress or aches and pains that we might have.

It gets warm during the day in the summer, but it cools off at night.  We don’t have an air conditioner or a swamp cooler because we really don’t need one, and I love it!  Having the fresh air come into the house is wonderful and it’s so nice to not feel closed in.  We enjoy leaving our windows open at night and hearing the coyotes howling.  It’s strange, but it’s a kind of comforting feeling.  If a few nights go by that we don’t hear them, we miss them.

We have wild animals in our yard and we also see them when we go places.  We love seeing them in their native habitat, not a zoo.  In the five years that we’ve lived here we’ve seen deer, elk, bears, bobcat (one was casually walking through our back yard a few weeks ago), pronghorn, coyotes, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep.  Last week a friend of Jack’s was on his way to our house and he saw a mountain lion about a mile from here.  I’m still waiting to see a mountain lion and a moose!

I see the sun coming up over Pike’s Peak when I drive to work (and when I’m at home on my days off) and see it setting over the Collegiate Peaks when I drive home.  When I’m at work (in Colorado Springs) I can see Pike’s Peak from the windows of the hospital. It’s beautiful!  From our house, I can see what the weather is doing in Cripple Creek (about 18 miles from home, where Jack works) and when Jack’s at work he can see what it’s doing at our house.

This is an amazing place to live and we both love it!

2 thoughts on “Colorado Life

  1. I love your home and where it is. And I so know that feeling of people thinking we are nuts for moving away from Bellevue/Omaha area. We got it from both friends and family when we moved to Wyoming.


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