Simplifying my Life

Today is Black Friday and, unlike some of you, I’m not a fan! All of the hustle and bustle and people crammed into stores like sardines, getting frustrated and angry when the special item they were looking for is no longer available, isn’t my idea of a fun time. In fact, I’m not a fan of all of the Christmas shopping and holiday stress in general. Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE Christmas! What I love about it, however, is all of the pretty lights and decorations, time spent with families and friends, listening to the seasonal music, watching holiday movies, and taking time to relax and just enjoy. Those are the best parts of Christmas and the holidays for me!

I started getting e-mails and messages yesterday about all of the “Special Black Friday Sales” and advertisements telling me to “Shop Now”. “Unbelievable Bargains” and “Up to 70% Off” appeared every time I looked at my phone, e-mail, or television. “You Won’t Want to Miss This”, “Doors Open at 4 A.M.”, “Lowest Price of the Year”, and on, and on, and on… It was driving me nuts! I finally decided I needed to do something about all of this because it was so annoying and it wasn’t making me feel good about this special time of year.

This morning I came up with a solution. I decided that instead of letting the advertisements get to me, I would ignore them and, instead, focus on making my life simpler. Instead of even thinking about purchasing, I will purge. I will get rid of possessions that are not used and mean nothing to us. Minimalize our possessions and life in general.

I realize that Jack and I have a lot clothes we don’t wear, shoes that will never be worn (mostly by my husband – he’s notorious for buying clothes and shoes that he never wears), and old craft supplies from projects from years ago that we more than likely will never have a use for. We have bags and bags and bags, and freebies from different sources, such as “free alarm clock when you purchase a subscription to ….”. We have coats that haven’t seen daylight in years and will probably never see daylight as long as we own them. We have all kinds of “better keep it just in case” items that haven’t been needed as long as we’ve lived here. The list of “things” we have, but don’t need, goes on and on. Honestly, I think I could easily fill at least six garbage bags full of “stuff” that needs to have another home.

My plan for this holiday season is not to spend time shopping, but to clean closets, cabinets, storage areas, and under beds and to donate good, usable items to a charity. Things that aren’t good enough to be donated will be thrown away. I know this will bring me more joy and happiness than spending a lot of money. It will also simplify my life by having less to take care of and clean, therefore freeing my time for more important and fun things. This holiday season I’ll be purging, and I’ll be happy to do it!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!

2 thoughts on “Simplifying my Life

  1. Hi,    I tried to send a comment on your blog but not sure it really went anywhere. I liked your plan and would like to do the same here, but just never seem to have enough energy.  Will work at it slowly and see if I can make some progress .Love,    Mom

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    • I don’t necessarily feel like I have that much energy, either, but try to do things in smaller portions of time. It doesn’t seem as daunting by doing it that way and I can still see progress, which in itself is motivating. You can do it! Make a list of the areas you want to work on and pick one or more each day or every couple of days, as time and energy allow, to do. Be sure that the list is specific, not generalized. For example, bedroom closet or bedroom dresser, not bedroom. it will be easier to not be overwhelmed by what you’re trying to accomplish. Plus, if you start now you can have a lot of it done before Christmas!


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