Pressure Cooker Meat Loaf

20170203_081314I’ve had a pressure cooker for a while and have seldom cooked in it. I was thinking about it last week and decided to make an effort to use it more often. I know that you can cook many things in them, but had never tried it and had no clue about changes in recipes and cooking times, so I ordered a couple of pressure cooker cookbooks from

Good cook book with many recipes that use common ingredients. I got this at

My cookbooks came this week, so I spent a little time and looked at the recipes in them. One cookbook is going to go back to Amazon. There are a lot of recipes in it, but an awful lot of them that are for things that we don’t eat (game type meats). The second cookbook looks more like our type of meals. It has recipes for breakfast items, meats, casserole type meals, soups, desserts, etc.

Last night I decided to make a meatloaf in the pressure cooker. I found a recipe that included two pounds of hamburger and the normal other things that you put into meatloaf. It was pretty easy. Saute onions in the bottom of the pressure cooker, add a little beef broth and either ketchup or barbecue sauce (my choice), and put the formed meatloaf on top. Once the pressure cooker was up to pressure, it cooked for 15 minutes on high and then sat (off the burner) for another 10 minutes. I removed the meatloaf and topped with the sauce in the bottom of the pressure cooker. That’s all there was to it!

There were many good things about cooking like this. The meatloaf was really good. It was completely done (I think it could even have cooked for a bit less time). It took way less time than it would have in the oven, which saved energy/electricity. Because of the steam coming out of the top where the pressure cooker rocker is, it also added humidity to our home, which is always a bonus for us.

There wasn’t muchProduct Details that was negative about cooking the meatloaf this way. The only problem I had with it was getting it in and out of cooker. I remember that my mom’s pressure cooker had a round metal grate or rack that was removable. Mine doesn’t have that, but I’m going to order one. I believe that if I had that, it would have been much, much easier to lower the meatloaf and raise it without breaking it. Also, it would have kept it from sticking to the bottom of the presser cooker.

Would I try this recipe again? I’m on the fence about that. I probably will once I get a rack. In the meantime, there are a lot more recipes that I want to try. Happy cooking!

3 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker Meat Loaf

  1. Glad the meatloaf turned out OK. I’ve used pressure cookers for all my married life (3 years) and always had a trivet in the bottom to prevent sticking and lift food out when finished. I think it will make your cooker even more convenient- hope you can find a rack with lift up handles

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    • I’m sure you meant 30 years of married life! I know you had that rack on the bottom, but the one I have didn’t come with one. I’ve ordered a rack and also a basket with handles to use inside. More recipes to try!


      • I was surprised to read that G-ma was only married 3 years, I am glad this was a typo (not that I would have cared, I just thought she was married much longer than 3 years).

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