Turning our Queen Sized Bed into a King!

IMG_2311IMG_2305I have wanted a king sized bed for quite a while. We had a queen size and it was a perfect for me and Jack, but ever since Sami got to be an adult dog and started taking up so much space in our bed it just hasn’t been comfortable for us. Who would have thought that a little 12 pound dog could make two grown people have to sleep on the edges of the bed, holding on so they don’t fall out? It never occurred to either of us that this small member of our family would take up 1/3 of the middle of the bed each night! And, heaven forbid we should do anything to make her uncomfortable!IMG_2105

We decided to look at king size mattresses and were amazed at how expensive they were. Besides the cost of the mattress and springs, we also would have had to purchase a new bed. Purchasing a new bed means that we most likely would have gotten new dressers, etc, to match. And if we were going to do all of that, why not change the carpeting at the same time? You know how it goes! You start with wanting one new thing and before you know it you’ve completely changed everything in the room. It’s that “snowball effect” that IMG_2107happens!

Laying in bed one night, I came up with what I think is a brilliant solution to our problem. You see, our mattress is comfortable, just not big enough. A queen size mattress is approximately 60″ x 80″. A king size mattress is approximately 80″ x 80″. So, why not get rid of the springs, build a platform, turn our mattress sideways, build something at the foot of the bed to fill in the space, and put a foam topper over the whole works? After all, your feet don’t need to “sink” into a mattress. They just need something soft to rest on.

Well, after coming up with the idea, I had tIMG_2288o try it out. One day when Jack was working I turned the mattress sideways and filled in the foot portion of the bed, then I remade the bed. Jack was a little surprised when he got home, to say the least, but agreed that we could try it. After several weeks of “trying it”, we both decided that it really did work well and we proceeded with making it a permanent fix.

Jack built a platform for the bed with support where the box springs had been. After that, we put the mattress back on (sideways) and measured how much space we had at the foot of the bed. Next, Jack built a box (without a bottom since it sits on the platform), rounded the corners so it wouldn’t tear sheets and blankets, and added a removable lid. He painted it to seal the exterior surfaces, brought it in, and attached it to the platform. After IMG_2296that, I filled the box (it’s a great storage space for items that are seldom used, like extra pillows, blankets, suitcases that we don’t use much, and things like that), and put the lid on.

I had purchased a new king sized foam topper for our bed from Overstock.com and it created a smooth transition from the head of the bed to the foot, covering the mattress and box, plus it gives us “cushioning” for our feet. I put the sheets and blankets back on and “voila”, we have a very inexpensive king-sized bed! ***Jack used a 1″ x 2″ and placed it about half way down the box on the foot end so I would have a “lip” to keep theIMG_2297 fitted sheets from coming off.

Jack and I love our king size bed and Sami has plenty of room. It’s a win-win-win situation! We got a king size bed for less than $200 (the cost of some wood and a new topper), we didn’t have to buy new bedroom furniture, we achieved additional storage (which we’re always trying to find), and we’re well satisfied with our finished product. If you want a king sized bed and have a good queen size mattress now, check out doing this to your bed!

Happy sleeping!IMG_2301






8 thoughts on “Turning our Queen Sized Bed into a King!

  1. I need to do this to my bed. Did you just use plywood? If so, how thick was it? And how did you reinforce the middle of the board so that it wouldn’t dip in the middle?

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    • We did use plywood. It is 3/4″ thick. We had wood sideboards (with metal rails) on the bed, so my husband cut 2×4’s to fit the width and fit them between the rails. That supports the plywood really, really well. Also, we have metal support legs that came with our original frame under the middle of our bed. We got the foam for the topper from Overstock.com. I have to say that after all of this time, it’s still very comfortable. It sure beats paying $$$ for a new bed! 🙂


      • Thank you Jeanne, that is very helpful, ingenious idea.

        My bed frame has wood sideboards also, as my mattress sits in a wood box frame with drawers underneath. Therefore, we don’t have a metal frame for support. We’ll have to figure out a different way to support the middle. If you didn’t live so far, I’d have to hire you 🙂

        Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • We don’t have any problem with the sheets. I make sure to buy fitted sheets that are intended for very deep pocketed beds and find that it gives me enough extra fabric to fit the mattress comfortably.


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