Repurposing to Planters

Image result for repurposed items for plantersSpring is here and it’s that time of year when I start thinking about plants for outdoors. When we lived in Nebraska, I had a lot of perrenials and didn’t really have to spend time each year adding new plants to make it colorful. My perrenials came back thicker and healthier looking each year. Here, however, that isn’ t the case at my house. I have planted a lot of perrenials in the past six years and only a few come back. I think between our altitude (around 8500′), our dry summers, and our short growing seasons it just doesn’t give plants a great head start before winter comes, so many of them don’t survive until the following summer.

Image result for repurposed items for plantersNormally I spend a lot of money each year for plants for my deck. This year I decided to try starting seeds indoors instead. I got a Germination Station and seeds from Cripple Creek Ace Hardware and I planted the seeds last week. The Germination Station is nice because it heats from the bottom (about 10-20° warmer then the ambient air) and it gives the seedlings a little extra boost to get a good head start. The Germination Station has three vents that you can open or close to help regulate the humidity, so you can keep it from getting too dry or wet.

I just checked to see how the seeds are doing and quite a few of them have sprouted. They’ll
need a few more weeks under the cover of the Germination Station, but then I’ll need to transplant them into something a little larger. Thinking about that made me start considering what kind of objects I’m going to use to put them in when that time comes. I’m not going to go out and purchase something when there are so many containers that will work just fine.

Are you looking for planters and don’t want toImage result for repurposed items for planters spend a lot? Look around your house and I’m sure you can find some fun things to use. Think outside of the box. You don’t have to use a “flower pot” to put your plants in. You can use practically anything that will hold dirt and a little water. You also need to make sure that your planters will drain if they’re in an open area where the rain gets to them. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. Have fun! Be creative!



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