A Quick Trip!

IMG_1781Jack and I just made a quick trip out to Seattle to visit our son, David. He had moved there a little over a year ago and bought a house last fall, so we went to see him and his new house. One bonus for us to go there is that Alaska Airlines has a direct flight from CoIMG_1774lorado Springs that is very convenient. It’s the first time we’ve ever flown on that airline and we were well pleased with them. They actually had two rounds of beverage service, which I’ve never had on a short flight before. Also, they offered complimentary beer and wine from the area that your’re going to, so that was a bonus. Jack and I each had a glass of wine on the way.

David picked us up at the airport and we went to the Pike Place Market. The market was very busy, really colorful, and was filled with fresh produce, fish, flowers, and assorted other “craft” and “art” type booths. There were more different types of fish there than you can iIMG_1782magine in one place! There were fish that I had never sIMG_1769een before and some of them were absolutely huge. The fresh fruits and vegetables were amazing! There were multiple varieties of everything and it was all fresh. You could purchase very large boquets of either fresh or dried flowers (with a vase) for around $10-15. Honestly, I can’t buy dried flowers at the craft store for anywhere near that price! Plus, they were already arranged. If I had a way to get them home safely I would have gotten some of the dried boquets. Besides the market, there was amazing architecture in the area and an amusement park. It was actually quite beautiful!

After we were done looking around theIMG_1806 maIMG_1790rket it was time to go to dinner. We were celebrating David’s birthday and we went to his favorite restaurant there, which is Ivar’s at Mulkiteo Landing. Ivar’s is a seafood restaurant and it was really nice. We all ordered seafood of some type or another. All together, I think we had six different types of fish (or preparation methods). Now, Jack and I aren’t big seafood fans, but our meals were delicious! The servings were large and I couldn’t eat all of mine. David got some clam chowder to start with and I was surprised at how good it was. I’ve had clam chowder before, but it didn’t taste as good as this was. I especially liked the smoked salmon and crabcakes. They were flavorful, but not fishy tasting.

The first item on our agIMG_1822enda in the morning was the “Future of Flight” tour at the Boeing factory. That’s where David is currently working, so we were excited to
see it. The Boeing factory there is the largest building by volume in the world. It’s amazing! I wondered why it was so tall, but after being inside and seeing all of what they do, it was obvious. They’re building entire airplanes in there and we could see them in various stages of completion.  It was a great tour and it was very interesting to see how far we’ve come in the aviation field and where we’re going in the near future. After the tour, we browsed through the museum. There’s a “deck” on top of it that we went up to so we could look out over the airfield. As we were standing there, a big bald eagle flew right over the top of us, probably less than 20 feet away. Why is it that we never seem to have our cameras out when something like that happens?  Back in the museum, Jack decided that he wanted to go into the Blue Angels flight simulator. IIMG_1832 wasn’t overly excited about going (motion sickness), but the guy running it said that it was the most mellow of the simulators that they have there. Apparently they switch them out every couple of months or so. It wasn’t too wild, it was fun and it certainly gives you a little different perspective of what it’s like for the pilots of those planes.

Part of our plan for going to David’s was to help him with his house, so after some lunch at a Sushi Bar we went shopping. We were able to get most of what we needed for the windows in his house and ordered a couple of items that weren’t available in the store. It was back to David’s to get window treatments installed and new shower rods put up. We even got his living room rearranged so it looks more spacious and will be better for entertaining. It was a really good day and it was time for a some sleep.

Monday morning IMG_1895we got up a little early for a drive to a ferry that would take us from Anacortes to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. It was a beautiful drive and we were going away from Seattle, so the traffic wasn’t too congested. We (and David’s car) got on the ferry and enjoyed a leisurely trip across the water to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor. We didn’t see any whales (it’s the wrong time of year), but it was a nice, smooth ride.

Arriving at Friday Harbor, we drove south. A short distance from town we saw a sign for a beach and decided to take a stroll down there. The beach surprised me! There wasn’t really any sand, but there were plenty of “river rock” type stones along the shores. Also, there were a lot of trees that had washed up at some time. We walked for quite a distance just enjoying the water and the quietness of the area. Except for birds, we didn’t see any aniIMG_1900mals.

Continuing our drive, we stopped several tmes at other harbors and places along the island. We did see some eagles, but never when there was an opportunity to take pictures of them. Still, it was amazing to see them. We got back to Friday Harbor and had a little time before our ferry was leaving to go back, so we opted to have lunch. When we were done, it was time to go back to the ferry so we could get back to David’s before it got too late.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about how it’s always cloudy or rainy in Seattle. I know that’s what Jack and I had always thought. I have to admit that it was a little “drizzly” when we got there, but not rainy. In our time there, we did have a little rain (the morning we were coming home) but other than that it was primarily a combination of clouds, slight drizzle, and sunshine. The temperature stayed around 50-55 or so, making it very pleasant.

We had a great time and got to see and do quite a bit during our short stay. We plan to go back when we can also do some “whale watching” as well as going to some of the other islands. Jack, David and I want to spend some time in Victoria, Canada, so we’ll need to make a good plan before our next trip to include all of those things. It was a lot of fun and we’re so glad that we’re able to do things like this. Life is good!

Happy travels…

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