Reclaimed Wood


Lanterns “before” the redo

IMG_1754-3I have a couple of old lanterns that I’ve had for a while. One of them belonged to my grandparents and my mom remembers them using it in their barn. It’s very old and I love it! It’s not just that I think it looks nice and I have a passion for “old” things, but it’s also sentimental. The other lantern is one that Jack and I bought some time ago. It’s a “miner’s lantern” and it reminds me of the people around here and how hard their lives were. It’s missing the glass globe, but that doesn’t matter to me and Jack. We like it anyway!

I had the lanterns hung up, but wasn’t really happy about the way they looked. I wanted them to be more of a focal point in our living room. I have been thinking that I wanted to put some old barn wood on a part of my living room wall and hang the lanterns on that, but hadn’t really taken the time to get the wood. Not that there aren’t plenty of places around here that have fallen down and have left the wood laying on the ground to deteriorate! Well, today I had to go to Cripple Creek and I made it my mission to find some old wood for my wall.

The boards I got came from an old cabin that had fallen down years ago. It was a little difficult to find a few pieces that would look the way I envisioned it, but I was able to sift through the rubble and come up with enough to accomplish my goal. I loaded the boards into my car and brought them home, cleaned them up a little, and played around with them until I got them to somewhat “fit” together. I didn’t want them to line up perfectly since I was going for the rustic look, so it was a bit like putting a puzzle together. I finally found an arrangement that appealed to me and put them up. After I got them securely screwed into the wall I attached the two hooks for the lanterns.

I like the way the wall turned out! I also like that I know where the boards came from and can theorize about the people who lived in the home years ago. I can’t imagine what a tough life that small section of wall represents, between my grandparents, the miners, and the people who settled this land.

I feel blessed to have as good of a life as we do, and hope that you, too, feel blessed in your life!

7 thoughts on “Reclaimed Wood

    • Thank, David! I love your creative use of “canvas” because that’s exactly what it is! Also, I think it balances a wall in my living room that needed some help. With tall ceilings, scale is especially important and I needed to increase the vertical area to make the lanterns look right.


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