Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!


Overnight Chicken Casserole

Thanksgiving Panini

Thanksgiving Panini

Today is Thanksgiving and that means it’s “turkey time”! Traditionally, at my house, we have turkey, potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes (just enough for a few people who like them), green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pumpkin pie. It’s pretty basic and doesn’t vary much from year to year. It’s nice to have traditions, even with food, and this is one of ours.

Once dinner is over, it’s time to clean up and do something with the turkey carcass. Once you’ve sliced as much as you can off of it, there’s a lot of meat on the bones that needs to be “picked off” if you’re trying to make sure you don’t waste anything. You end up with a lot of small pieces and they’re good for sandwiches or turkey salad, but generally we get tired of it before we use it up. Today I’m going to share some recipes for leftover turkey with you!

Next Day Turkey Primavera

Next Day Turkey Primavera

My mom had a recipe from a friend of hers that could use either chicken, turkey, or tuna and it was wonderful! One of the best things about this recipe is that you put uncooked elbow macaroni and the other ingredients in a dish overnight. The macaroni soaked up the liquid while it was sitting. The next day you took it out of the fridge and cooked it, so it was super simple

and great for a meal when you didn’t want to do any last-minute prepping or cooking. I frequently mix a double or triple recipe of this, let it sit overnight, and then make several zip-lock bags of uncooked casserole for the freezer. It’s easy to take out later, defrost, put it in a dish, and bake. The recipe my mom had used crushed, buttered herb croutons as a topper. The recipe I’m sharing with you  (Overnight Chicken Casserole – recipetips.com) is the same except that it suggests potato chips as a topping. You can use whatever you would like. Also, mom’s recipe called for one cup of frozen peas added to the mix. Again, use them if it sounds good to you, but they aren’t necessary.

Here are some links to web sites that have great ideas for your leftover turkey:

Leftover Turkey Recipes – Cooking Light  (Warm Turkey and Spinach Salad, White Bean and Turkey Chili, Roasted Squash Soup with Turkey Croquettes, and a great variety of other recipes)

Leftover Turkey Recipes – Pioneer Woman  (Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls, Leftover Thanksgiving Panini, Pumpkin Smoothie and a couple more)

Makeovers for Thanksgiving Leftovers – Southern Living  (27 different recipes for transforming your leftovers into something special)

Ten Leftover Turkey Recipes  (Turkey, Dill, and Orzo Soup, Turkey and Blue Cheese Salad, Turkey Reubens, and seven other recipes)

Top 10 Leftover Turkey Recipes – Taste of Home (Turkey Primavera, Turkey ala King, Club-Style Turkey Enchiladas, and more)

Top Thanksgiving Leftovers – Food Network  (Turkey Soup, Turkey Bolognese, Turkey Pot Pie, and other delicious options)

Enjoy your holiday and have fun with your leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!


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