Fall Table Runners & Toppers

IMG_1440Although I really enjoy sewing, quilting, and needlework, I don’t spend time during the summer on any of them. When it’s nice outside I want to be out there soaking up the sunshine and doing “outdoor” things. Now that it’s fall, however, I find myself thinking about sewing and quilting again.


Paper Pieced Fish

I love making quilted table toppers, runners, and wall hangings! They’re fast and easy and it’s nice to be able to change them with the seasons. Also, they don’t take up a lot of space when you’re storing them, which is a huge bonus when you live in a small house like we do. In fact, I have many of mine hanging on my walls on rods so I can switch them out between the table and the wall without making new IMG_1444holes in my walls or quilted projects.

Be creative with what you do with your quilt projects. I have several hanging on my laundry room wall, along with an old washboard that belonged to my grandmother. Not only is it a good way to display the quilts, but it’s also colorful and “homey” looking. For your bedroom, you could add tabs and hang one above your bed in place of a headboard. In other words, quilts aren’t just for beds or tables!

There are a multitude of free quilt block patterns on the internet. Also, if you haven’t tried it, look into “paper pieced quilt blocks”. They’re fun to do and you can make some really interesting designs with them. I made my paper pieced fish quilt years ago and don’t have the pattern for it, but you can find plenty of free fish patterns online.

Below are a few free quilted projects for you. Remember to use your imagination and change the colors to suit your home and taste. I especially like the basket (2nd project) and I believe you could make it out of any square, not just the one on the pattern. Also, the 3rd project is a scented trivet. It’s filled with scented rice, so when you put something hot on it, you will get the aroma of the scent it’s filled with. Make sure the scent you choose isn’t something that will “clash” with your food. For example, if you’re going to use it to put a tea-pot on you may want to fill it with lavender, but you wouldn’t want that scent if you were going to put a casserole dish on it.

Click on the photos to go to the free patterns. Above all, have fun making and using your projects!

star basketmapleacornimg_autumn-prarielg_1


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