Mason Jar Meals

strawberryI love to cook and I love to have good food. Jack and I rarely eat “fast food” or prepackaged food. We prefer fresher, healthier options.

When I’m working, I like to have easy to grab meal options on hand for both of our lunches and for Jack to have for his dinners. Mason jars in an assortment of sizes are perfect for various meal items. What? Not any of the plastic, disposable containers? Just old-fashioned Mason jars? Yep! Perfect! They are sturdy, inexpensive, microwave safe, leak proof, and are easy to handle.veggie

Besides things like salads (you can make them days ahead and they’ll remain fresh in the jars) and soups (I love soup in a jar because it’s easier to handle and doesn’t cool off as quickly), you can reheat practically anything that you make. I frequently partially cook scrambled eggs with onions, bell pepper, and spinach and then divide the mixture into several jars. I add a little cheese on top and then store them in the refrigerator until I’m ready to use them. When it’s time to eat the eggs, it only takes about 2 minutes in the microwave and I have fresh scrambled eggs. When they’re done Jack eats his right out of the jar while I prefer to put them into a low carb tortilla with a little salsa. Yummy!

quicheA little dip in the bottom of a jar with some fresh veggies makes a nice snack for you or the kids. Also, it’s perfect when you’re watching your weight since you can control the portion size of the dip and veggies by doing it this way. Actually, anything you put into jars is portion controlled, so it’s not as tempting to overeat.

Having ready-made food that you reheat isn’t the only option. There are quite a few recipes flying around the internet (especially on Pinterest) for meals that have most of the ingredients placed in the jar and you add the final few (normally liquid or perishable) ingredients. These are handy to have on hand so you or your family can grab the one that sounds good and have a quick meal with little preparation. You can make a lot of these and store them on your shelf for quite some time. Here are some recipes to get you started:

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