Low Carb Grilled Tortilla Sandwiches

IMG_1072Tonight for dinner we had low carb grilled tortilla sandwiches. Does that sound odd? I think Jack thought so, but…

I had thought of making grilled ham and cheese, but I had some tortillas (low carb w/only 6 grams carbs per tortilla) in the fridge and they’re much healthier to eat than bread, so I decided to use them instead. I happen to like them and when I look at the difference in carbs between regular tortillas, bread, and low carb tortillas, there’s just no comparison.

The total carbs for this recipe is about 15-20, which is incredible considering that it serves 2-3 people.

Low Carb Grilled Tortilla Sandwiches

  • Servings: 2-3
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

2 low carb tortillas (I use Mission)

Ham (or other meat of your choice) as much as you would like

Muenster cheese (or any kind that you wish) about 6 slices

Fresh spinach, approximately one cup

Heat a skillet that’s large enough to hold the tortillas. Spray cooking oil on one tortillas and place it oiled side down in skillet. Lay three slices of cheese (spread out) over tortilla. Top with spinach and then meat. Place last three slices of cheese on top of meat and then cover with remaining tortilla. Spray tortilla on top with a small amount of oil.

Cook on medium to medium-high heat until tortilla on bottom is nicely browned. Flip and cook until other side is also nicely browned. Remove from heat and slice into wedges. Serve.

***Note: If you want a little more pizzazz, you can add chopped jalapenos to the sandwich. You can also add anything else that you would like, such as onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.



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