Bugling Elk

cropped-img_5798-31.jpgJack and I were sitting outside last night enjoying the cool September evening and thinking of how grateful we are to be able to live in such a beautiful area.  A little earlier I had heard an elk bugling, but hadn’t been able to find him. As we were talking and looking around I saw something moving across our field and up around the trees. It was a bull elk!

bull elk

Not our pic, but he’s the size of the bull elk we had here.

We grabbed our binoculars (we keep them near our door so we can reach them quickly when we see something interesting outside) and got a closer look. There was a huge bull elk, quite a few cows (female elk) and some of this year’s young ones. The bull elk was keeping his herd close by and was watching carefully over them. Occasionally he would round them up a little or bugle to them. This brought back memories of other times we had heard elk bugling.

The first time Jack and I ever heard the bugling sound that elk make was quite a few years ago. We had gotten up early one morning and were planning to take some pictures as the sun came up. We were in an area that was very open and it was extremely foggy, so it already had a mystical quality to it. We were walking across a field as we heard the bugling start. The bull elk were calling and it was a very haunting kind of sound. We listened in amazement to their calls and felt so lucky to be able to be so close to nature.

We also remembered a couple of years ago when we had been driving home late one night. An elk herd was on our dirt road and on both sides of it. As we got closer to them, the herd moved off the road, but was still on both sides of it. There wasn’t any traffic, so Jack stopped the car and turned off the lights. Our windows were down and we sat for the longest time just listening to the elk bugle and talk to each other back and forth across the road. Mamas, babies, and bull elk all participated in the melody that nature offered to us that night. There were quite a few different sounds and it was the most interesting thing to listen to!

We enjoy everything that nature has to offer us. From the scenery, to the changing weather, to the various animals in our neck of the woods, it’s all wondrous and amazing. Take time to slow down, look around, and listen to the sounds of nature.

Life is good!




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