Witching and Dowsing

Witching & DowsingHave you ever heard of witching or dowsing? I would imagine that if you’re my age or older, you might know what this is. If you’ve never heard of it, visit Water Dowsing – USGS for more information.

When we bought our house in the mountains we didn’t know where the septic tank was. Jack took a couple of wire coat hangers (you can also use forked sticks, pendulums, and a variety of other things, too) and went to work “dowsing” in our front yard. I thought he was a bit off his rocker, but the wires did their magic when he got to the place where the septic was burried. I thought it was pretty weird and actually thought it was more luck than anything.

Years later, when we needed to drill a new well, Jack AND the guy from the well company were out there witching for water! It made no logical sense to me, but I had to admit that if both of them were doing it, there must be something to it. Jack knew that I was skeptical, so he wanted me to give it a try. I thought that I would never be able to do since I really didn’t believe in it, but I wanted to see what would happen.

Jack gave me two coat hangers that were bent at 90° angles at about 1/4 of the way up. I held them loosley with the short ends in my hands and with the longer ends parralel to the ground. I have to admit that I felt rather silly standing in my front yard with two coat hangers in my hands looking for water, but that wasn’t about to stop me!

I started walking, slowly, while trying not to giggle. I walked one direction for a couple of minutes and then started walking another direction. After less than five minutes total the wires started moving. Wow! Really? I backtracked a little and then walked over the same area where the wires had moved previously and they did it again.

My wires moved to the inside and crossed each other when I got to the water area. When Jack does it, his wires move to the outside, so moving away from each other. Hey, what can I say? We’re opposite in many regards (I’m right handed and he’s left, he’s Apple and I’m P.C, etc, etc), so it’s no big surprise that we would be in this way, too! I don’t know the scientific reason why this would happen, if indeed there is a scientific reason, but that’s the way it works for us.

Even if you don’t need to find water, witching/dowsing is a fun thing to do that’s interesting and doesn’t cost anything. You can try it in your yard or go to a park or open area where you have more space. Be sure to keep an open mind and  let your kids try it, too!

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