Delicious Low Carb Recipes

atkinsAre you looking for good, low carb recipes? Me too! I’m always looking for something tasty that’s healthy. The biggest problem for me is what I call the 3 C’s… Finding something that is good for you that is low calorie, low carb, and low cholesterol is pretty frustrating. I’ve found that I just have to attempt to balance them as best as I can. For example, if something is higher calorie then I would like but is low carb, then I have it in moderation. I try to make sure that I’m not eating high calorie, high carb, and high cholesterol foods.

Since I’ve started paying more attention to carbs, I’ve also begun to look at portion size more carefully. Wow! What I thought was a normal portion is realgarlic chickenly about two (or more) portions of what is recommended. What an eye opener that was! With all of this in mind, here are some good sites for recipes that are healthy and low carb. I’ve only inculded sites that nutritional value so you can be sure that they’re right for you.


About Health, Low Carb Recipes

Allrecipes (nutritional information is found after the comments)

American Diabetes Association besides recipes, a lot of good information about diabetes and healthy eating

Atkins also a good source for nutritional information

Bodybuilding carbs are listed, but fiber value isn’t listed, so if you’re looking for “net carbs”….

Food (click on “nutrition” at top of recipe between ingredients and directions to get nutritional information)

Food Network

Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes

Low Carb Recipes by Karen

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