Camping at 10,000′

IMG_0399 (3)IMG_0425 (4)Jack and I went on a little camping trip to an area that we hadn’t spent much time in before. We went to Rock Creek Hills Road in the Pike National Forest. It’s near Jefferson, Colorado, it’s free, and it’s beautiful there. It’s easy to get to (about an hour from Lake George if you’re coming from that direction) and it’s a very IMG_0485 (4)pretty drive.

We had been looking for places to camp that weren’t crowded and that weren’t too commIMG_0507 (3)ercialized. We definitely found that at Rock Creek Hills Road! There are a lot of areas ready for you to set up camp and you get your choice of being in the trees or in more open areas, depending on your preference. There are fire pits ready to go and many of the locations have great views of the mountains to the east and other mountains to the west, so if you’re looking for good scenery you have plenty to choose from. I should mention that there are no toilets, so be prepared!

Our campsite was around 10,000′ altitude and waIMG_0503 (3)s about perfect for us. We were in an open area with trees behind us. The sunrises and sunsets were very nice and the mountains were beautiful. The temperatures were really nice, warm during the days and cool at night. We had Sami with us and she normally gets in the sleeping bags with us when it’s cold, but she was plenty warm and stayed on top of the sleeping bags.

We took our 4-wheeler and haIMG_0474 (3)d a great time on the trails that are there. There are a lot of them, so if you enjoy hiking, dirt biking or 4-wheeling, this is a really nice location to spend some time. I would say that the trails are easy to moderate and all of them are beautiful. The wild flowers this year are exceptional and the fields were gorgeous. I really loved seeing the flowers (some of which I haven’t ever seen out here before) and taking pictures of them. We’re definitely going to spend more time at this campsite! Oh, and did I mention that it’IMG_0499 (2)s FREE?

On Monday we took a side trip to Como (it’s only about 20 miles from where we were camping) and to the top of Boreas Pass. We love Como, which is an historic railroad settlement. If you’re in Como, be sure to stop by the Mountain Man Gallery (it’s also the Post Office) and see Ricki. Ricki knows a lot of history of the area and loves to share it with people. She’s definitely an assett to the Como community!

Just an FYI… Como and Boreas Pass celebrate their heritage on the third Saturday in August when they have “Railroad Days“. At that time, the roundhouse is open for viewing, the cIMG_0487 (4)abin at the top of Boreas Pass has pancakes cooked on a wood stove, there are people who can tell you about the history of the area including several old cabins, and you can even ride and help power a reproduction of a narrow gauge handcar. It’s a fun time and it’s all free!

It was a nice couple of days and we had a great time. Just being away from home, the phones, computers, electronics, and all of the things that “we should be doing” is wonderful and it really gives us time to relax and enjoy nature. This camp ground was a short trip (1 1/2 hours) fromIMG_0484 (3) our house and was a pretty drive all the way there. It’s amazing how many things are really close to home that you can enjoy when you take the time.

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