Pumping Water

pump1We had a well when we bought our home in Colorado. It had been here before us and we hadn’t thought a whole lot about it. It seemed to work fine, for the most part. There were times, like when I was watering plants outside, that we would run out of water, but we would just give it about 20 minutes and the water would fill up again. All in all, it worked fine and did what we needed it to. Well (no pun intended), until the fateful day when there was no water at all!

No water? Really? First thing in the morning when it had all night to replenish and just before we were expecting a lot of company? And during the summer when the forest fires were so horrible? Wow! We had a hard time believing our well had really run dry, but no matter how long it set, we either got nothing from it or mud. Yep, mud! Granted, there are people who pay good money drilling1for mud baths, but it wasn’t something we wanted coming out of our water pipes!

We called Black Mountain Drilling and Pump (we highly recommend them), a well company that we had spoken to any time we previously had questions, and they came and checked it out. It seems that due to a long drought that we had in Colorado the water table had dropped and our well at 125′ was no longer deep enough for us to obtain water from. Bummer! We got an emergency drilling/well permit and a couple of days later the drill truck showed up to start on our new well. To make a long story short, about $18,000 and 640′ later we had water!

Now, we’re thinking about what we would do for water if we lost our electricity (the pump needs electricity to get the water to the house). We have solar power, but we’re connected to water pump1the grid and not a bank of batteries, so we don’t have any electricity going into storage at this time. We’ve considered a generator and some other things, but would like a way of pumping water in case of an emergency that doesn’t need electricity or any other kind of power like that. I’ve been checking into it and here are some suggestions of articles that have good information and ideas for builing your own hand pumps:

Living Off Grid – A Home Made Water Pump

A Homemade PVC Manual Well Pump

How to Make Your Own DIY Hand Pump

How to Make a PVC Hand Pump to use when you have no power

How to Get Well Water Without Electricity

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Solar Water Pumping

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