Beary Funny!

bearaWe live in the mountains of Colorado and there are a lot of wild crittersbearc around. Among other things, we have deer, elk, pronghorn, racoons, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, fox, bears, and wolves. We see them and sometimes they’re kind of close to our house. Well, now that I think about it, sometimes they’re just a few feet from our house and are looking in our dining room window! They don’t, however, really cause any problems for us. We know that we’re in their territory and we do our best to not infringe on their areas any more than we need to.

The front of our house has a deck that goes all the way across it. It’s off the ground and besides racoons and fox, nothing else has ever gotten on it to the best of our knowledge. Last night, however, we had some kind of invader and we think it was libearbkely a bear! Why a bear you may ask? We beardhave bird feeders with seeds, sunflower seeds, and sugar water for the hummingbirds all hanging off the front of the deck. Sami’s yard is right below where they hang, so that normally keeps animals from trying to reach the feeders. We got a big surprise this morning when we noticed that the gate at the bottom of our steps was demolished beyond repair. Yep! Completely trashed! Something ripped it off it’s hinges and tore it from bearethe latch that holds it shut. That’s definitely not something that a racoon would have done and a wolf or coyote would have jumped over it , sobearf we have to assume it was a bear!

With that being said, I love bears and think they’re really pretty comical. I thought I would share some funny bear pictures with all of you!

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