Cooking Substitutions 101

sub4One of the things about our lifestyle and living where we do is that we don’t run to the grocery store when I’m out of ingredients for recipes. I either make sub2something different, or I substitute something else for the missing items. Most of us have the basic ingredients at our homes for most recipes, but don’t always have the “special” things. Or we ran out of something and forgot to purchase it at the grocery store the last time we were there. Well, I’m here to help with all of that!

I’m compiling several lists of “substitutes” for you. From dry ingredients to liquids, from spices to herbs, one food for another, less than healthy for healthy, what size baking dishes can be used, and more. I plan to post these lists soon, starting with the dry ingredient list later today. I’m sure I’ll be adding to each of these lists as time goes on because there are sooo many items that can be interchanged, but I’ll give you a really good starting point. Be sure to check back for the other lists during the next few weeks. sub3Also, if you’re looking for something that I don’t have listed, let me know and I’ll do my best to find a “substitution” for you!

Happy cooking!

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