Kitchen Dreaming, Again!

Old window opening

Old window opening

View from new window

View from new window

Have you ever heard that saying that “the kitchen is the heart of the home”? It’s certainly true in our house and it always will be. I enjoy cooking a lot and I am always on a quest to make my kitchen more functional, attractive, and inviting then it is. After all, with as much time as I spend in the kitchen, it’s worth a little effort to make it as nice as possible.

Several months ago Jack had ordered a larger window to replace the one verOther view y small window that I had in my kitchen. He took out the old window last week and put the new one in. It’s not finished, but it was in securely enough for us to leave it until we could get back to it.

Siding off outside of house

Today we (actually, Jack) worked more on the window. Last week, when he was cutting the opening, he had decided to open the outside of the house rather than messing up all of the drywall on the inside. We weren’t sure where the studs were or what was inside of the walls, so that seemed like the best way to go about it. In order to do that, he had to take the log siding off that part of the house and today he put the trim around the window and replaced the siding.

IMG_6379 (2)Tonight, Jack asked me how I wanted him to finish the inside trim on the window. The last I had heard we were going to finish it like the window trimother windows in our house. Most of our walls/corners have bull-nose trim and are finished with a “southwest” texture. It’s kind of the style out here and it’s a nice, clean look. Well! Trying to match the texture can be a bit of a problem and I do like to have my kitchen window open, which brings in a little dust. A textured surface collects dust….

Once I started thinking about the options that would be available if we decide to use wood trim, I realized how many choices there are. Wowza! I had to go to Pinterest and start saving all of the ideas on my “Dream Kitchen” board there so I could look at them closer and also so I could show Jack what I’m thinking. You see, Jack and I learned a long time ago that we have two different communication styles (I tell him that he’s an Apple and I’m a P.C.), so it’s immensely easier to show each other actual pictures than to try to describe things.

Before making a deciwood countersion regarding the window trim, we needed to take into consideration what we’re going to do with the countertop since I do want everything to “go” together! I need (well, I don’t really need, but would like) a new sink and we’d both like something different on the countertops. Jack was opting for a cement countertop. He likes the idea of us having a “project” that we can do together. I, on the other hand, have never been entirely sold on the idea of the cement countertops!

Last week we were looking for sinks and since we were already at the lumber yard, we took a trip through the section that has kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I fell in love with one that is made from wood! It’s not butcher block, but rather several different widths (probably 3″ to 5″) of walnut pieced together.  The finish on it is medium to dark and has a nice grain. The wood countertop has a lot of character, and it’s beautiful! The surface is sealed with oil and it’s supposed to be really durable. After talking about it for a little bit, Jack shelve5decided that he really likes it, too. It will be easy to do and will also be pretty inexpensive, which is a bonus for us. Voila! That’s definitely our counter top solution! We haven’t decided if we’re going to use walnut or a different kind of wood (we’ve even thought of using wood that has uneven front edges from the local mill), but we both agree that whatever wood we decide to use, it will look great in our log cabin and in our kitchen. I also saved more ideas for wood countertops (and how to do it yourself) on my “Dream Kitchen Pinterest board for easy reference when we get to that pointSo, now that we have that figured out, back to the window trim…. I know I’m going to have wood on the counter tops. I know that I’m going to have some kind of hanging, open shelves (see “Kitchen Clutter”) in part of the kitchen. I like the idea of wood trim around the windows, but will it be too much wood? Hmmm……. This is going to take a little thinking…….

Our kitchen is definitely a work in progress! The good thing about this is that we’re doing it in “baby steps” so it’s not overwhelming we don’t have it all torn up at one time. We try to arrange our projects in a manner that allows us to do them in stages. After all, we really enjoy our time off and going places, so we can’t spend all of our time working on the house. It’s like the old joke, “How do you eat an elephant”? The answer is “one bite at a time”. Just like our projects!

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Dreaming, Again!

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    • Thanks! The counter top is the one that was in the house when we bought it. Originally, we considered changing it to something else, like granite, cement, or another surface that’s smooth. After thinking about it for awhile we decided to leave it the way it is. There’s nothing actually “wrong” with it and the color works with our house and the surrounding rock. It’s part of our “lets not spend money just to keep up with the latest style” plan. In other words, there isn’t really a good reason to change it, it would be expensive and a lot of work, and it doesn’t bother me the way it is. I do, however, love the new sink, faucet, window, and shelves! Especially the window and shelves. What a difference it makes!


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