Hum, Hum, Hummingbirds!

Ruby Throated HummingbirdSummer brings more than sunshine, warm weather, baby animals, and flowers. It also brings a large variety of birds and, for those of us who are fortunate enough to have them in our areas, hummingbirds.

We love hummingbirds! We mostly have ruby throated hummingbirds at our house, but we sometimes get rufous hummingbirds. The rufous don’t stick around too long, but they’re really pretty and we enjoy seeing them. Every now and then we also have hummingbird moths, which are interesting.Rufous-2754

As long as we’ve lived here we have had a hummingbird feeder out in the summer time to help attract the little hummers. The hummingbird moths don’t seem to be attracted to it, but, surprisingly, our woodpeckers are! They hang on it for long periods of time drinking the nectar and it’s quite amusing to watch. They get a beak full of the sugary liquid and tip their beaks up to the sky to let it drain down their throats and repeat this over and over.

This year we’ve added a hummingbird feeder to the back of our house. I don’t know why we didn’t do it years ago, but I had an extra one and decided to give it a try. We’ve attracted a lot of birds to it and it’s fun because sometimes we have them in front and in back at the same time, humming and buzzing around. It’s like hummingbird stereo when you’re sitting in our house listening to them!

We have different types of feeders and can’t say that one is better than another. We have red and green feeders and one has perches while the other one doesn’t. The birds don’t seem to have a preference at all as long as they can get their nectar. You don’t have to buy the nectar and you definitely don’t need it to be red. Domino Sugar has a recipe that’s easy to follow. has the same recipe, but they also have a little more information that’s helpful if you’re new to this.Hummingbird Moth.

Here is a video from Ace Hardware about setting up your hummingbird feeder and attracting the little birds:

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