Let’s Get Sprouting!



I’ve been eating sprouts off and on for many, many years. Actually, I can remember eating them when i was a child, also. My mom and grandma used canned bean sprouts when they made chow mein and I also used them for egg foo yung. When my kids were younger I used sprouts for pita pocket sandwiches and sometimes on salad. Over the last ten years or so, I haven’t really used sprouts at all. I’m not sure why, exactly, but I think I just didn’t think about it.

Recently I was reading an article in a cooking magazine about the benefits of sprouts. I wasn’t aware of all the nutritional value they contained and was amazed when I saw what a benefit they could be in our daily diets. I decided to do a little more checking and found a multitude of reasons that we should all be eating sprouts.

Sandwich with Sprouts

Sandwich with Sprouts

After deciding to include them in our meal plans, I needed to figure out whether to buy them already sprouted or sprout them myself. I opted for sprouting them myself since I could then have several different batches in the works at the same time, to be used on different days. That seemed like the best option for us since I could then have them in any quantity I wanted and also since fresh sprouts need to be used fairly quickly.

Sprout Brownie Bites

Sprout Brownie Bites

We don’t live near any stores where I could find the beans or seeds to sprout, so I thought I would just spend a few minutes, go to Amazon.com and order some really quickly. Wow! I had no idea of how many varieties and mixtures of sprouting seeds and beans there are! I read the reviews of all of the blends that sounded good and ordered several different mixtures. If you think that the price is a little high for them, remember that they’re going to really grow in volume (and weight) once they’re sprouted. Plus, you’ll have no waste since you only sprout what you’ll be using.

Sprouting the beans or seeds is very easy and you don’t really need anything special to do it. I’m using glass jars with cheese cloth and the metal ring (for canning jars) to hold the cloth in place. I have a couple of jars with different mixes in them and I start them on different days so they aren’t ready all at one time. There are so many recipes that you can use them in and, of course, they’re delicious on salads, sandwiches, and as a garnish.

Get some seeds and get sprouting today!

Sprout People  (Very useful information about growing many varieties of sprouts, recipes, related information, you can order seeds from them)

Mother Earth News – Growing Sprouts at Home 

allrecipes.com – Growing Sprouts

ISGA – International Sprout Growers Association (Nutrition, recipes, articles)

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Sprouting!

    • I just sprouted some Mung beans. There are a lot of recipes you can use them for and they sprouted quickly. I used 3/4 cup dry beans and got about 7-8 cups sprouts.


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