Wonderful Wrens

I love it when spring comes and the birds start coming back to nest. It’s so much fun to watch them choose their nesting sites and build their nests. We have quite a large variety of birds at our house and they mostly have different nesting habits, but some of them try to take over other birds homes. We have a lot of Blue Birds and the Tree Swallows are contantly attempting to move into their houses. Sometimes it works, but often the Blue Birds chase them away. We also have Steller Jays, Hairy Woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Magpies, Cowbirds, Clark’s Nutcrackers, and more.

One of my favorite birds are House Wrens. My grandma always had a wren house under her porch roof. She loved the wrens and called the female her Jenny wren1Wren. Grandma’s wren would build a nest every year and have a bunch of babies. I was surprised at how many eggs they had! Sometimes one of the parent birds would kick an egg that wasn’t good out of the nest and grandma would show us the tiny little treasure that would have been a baby bird if it had made it. The babies were tiny and cute. Mostly, though, I remember the wren’s song (or check out the “songs and calls” section at the bottom right of this Audubon-House Wrens article). Wren’s have a very distinct call/song and I love hearing it. It’s happy and musical and it brings back many memories of my grandparents and their farm. We had a lot of good times there.

The first couple of years that we lived here I only saw one House Wren on one day. I was hoping that we would be able to get some to nest, but it took awhile. Last year we finally had one that stuck around for the summer. It started nesting in a bird house on our deck, but some other birds chased it off. So sad! It ended up nesting in a tree, so I still got to hear it’s song, but didn’t get to watch the babies.

I was so happy last week to hear the wren’s song again. Yea! They’re back. This morning I went outside and saw the little wren with some twigs in it’s beak. I watched it as it flew around a little and then went into the bird house. It’s nesting, so hopefully this year it doesn’t get chased off and will have it’s babies where we can watch their progress. It’s funny how things that are so simple can sometimes bring such joy! I’m going to put another wren house out in our backyard by our dining room window and I’m hoping that we’ll get more wrens.

If you would like to know more about House Wrens, here are some helpful resources:

All About Birds

Audubon – Guide to North American Birds

National Geographic – House Wrens

Birdwatching.com – Raising House Wrens


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