Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Time to get your cleaning done!

Sunny days, fresh air, the blue birds are back and the tree swallows are nesting. I love it! It means spring is (sort of) here. Spring in the mountains isn’t quite the same as spring at lower altitudes. We have warm days, but we also still have snow days. Two days ago and into yesterday morning we had a lot of snow and blizzard type conditions at times, but then the sun came out in the morning and everything was melting by lunch time. I love it.

This time of year is when I really feel like getting my house more organized and doing a deeper cleaning than normal. It just makes the house (and me) feel nicer and fresher. Today I plan on doing just that!

Why do we spring clean? Well, in the United States, it’s because long ago houses in cold climates were shut tight for the winter to keep the cold out. When spring came and the weather turned warm, it was a time to open the windows and freshen everything up. Sweeping, dusting, washing things, hanging bedding out to air, cleaning nooks and crannies and making it spic and span (as much as possible) was the goal.

Although spring cleaning is a carry-over from long ago and our modern homes aren’t so closed in and don’t get as dirty, it’s still nice to take the time to get this done. It ensures that at least once a year you’ve really cleaned well, gotten rid of things that you don’t need or use anymore, and organized what’s left so it’s easy to find when you want it.

spring cleaning3Life is different now and we don’t have as much time as our ancestors did. Sometimes, instead of spending one day or weekend doing a marathon cleaning, you can break it down into smaller areas at as time. Maybe today you can thoroughly clean the living room and kitchen, the next time the bathrooms and your bedroom, and another time you can clean closets, etc, etc. You get the idea! It’s not about getting it all done quickly, but more about making sure it’s done completely.

Regarding cleaning products, you can use whatever you like. You don’t need anything special for spring cleaning. I prefer, as much as possible, to use home made products with natural ingredients, a couple of which are vinegar and baking soda. I know that name brand cleaners smell good, but I don’t like all of the chemicals in them (you can add essential oils to your home made products if you want a special “smell”), they aren’t generally environmentally friendly, and I really don’t like the cost. Also, if you open your windows while you’re cleaning you’ll get that fresh, outdoor smell and that’s the best!

If you want some ideas for making your own cleaning products, click on these links:

spring cleaning

Arm and Hammer

All You

Organized Home

Keeper of the Home

Good Housekeeping

I’m off to clean! I’m looking forward to working hard for awhile and then reaping the rewards later today when I can sit back and enjoy the results. Happy cleaning!


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