Old Fashioned Cleaning Advice

old fashioned3When I was a young married woman, my grandma would come to visit my mom and would stay for about a week at a time. During the day, while mom was working, grandma would come to my house. I had five children and my house was always busy.

Grandma loved to help out. She would offer to clean and organize my coat closet, straighten up kitchen cabinets, fold laundry, or whatever she could see that would help. We would do a little bit of normal “house work” type things in the morning and then, when the kids were napping, we would play cards. Grandma loved to play cards!

Another thing that grandma did was give me advice. She had good, old fashioned advice about just about everything old fashioned2you could imagine. Although I did follow some of her advice, some things seemed too weird to do. I remember that one of my babies had a plugged tear duct. Grandma said to use boric acid water and carefully wash the baby’s eyes with it. I didn’t do it because I thought it was “old fashioned” and assumed that no one would actually use boric acid on a baby’s eyes. Was I ever wrong!

Grandma’s advice was old fashioned, but I’ve learned in the many, many years since then that much of the advice she had is still good today. Not only is it still good, but at our house we’ve actually taken more than a few old fashioned1steps backwards and now, for the most part, we use things like baking soda, vinegar, and borax for cleaning all around our house. We like the idea of not using chemicals or putting things into our septic system that will eventually end up on the land.

Today I thought I would share some links to sites that have “old fashioned” tips and “recipes” to help you make your own cleaners for your home and family. From pine floor cleaners to shoe deodorizers and from toilet bowl cleaners to car wash, these sites will help you find something for everything you need cleaned or freshened up!

Happy cleaning!

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Greatist – 27 chemical-free recipes for DIY spring cleaning

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