Banana Cream Pie

IMG_5688 (3)Today is the last day I’ll be home for dinner for a few days, so tonight will be a somewhat big meal. When I’m getting ready to go to work for several days I try to make sure we have plenty of leftovers in the fridge. One of Jack’s favorite foods is spaghetti, so that’s easy enough to make, plus it reheats well.  However, I still have a bunch of bananas left.

Why do I always have leftover bananas? It doesn’t seem to matter how many or how few I buy, but there are always some that need to be used up. Maybe it’s a secret plot of some sort so I’ll have to bake, as if either Jack or I need the sweets! I don’t like to waste things though, so we’re going to have banana cream pie for dessert.

While I’m thinking about it, yesterday Jack and I were talking about how we try to not waste food or anything else. I mentioned that my mom and grandma were great about combining things in the fridge to make complete meals, sort of like when I used the ham and potatoes left from Easter and made soup out of it (which, by the way, was really good). Jack mentioned that being able to do that is almost like a lost art. I think he’s right!

People tell me all of the time that they “would never have thought about doing that” when I tell them what I’m cooking. Especially when I’m adding a little of this and a bit of that to make something new. It’s really not hard if you just imagine the flavors and tastes that you like and try to picture what different combinations would be like. Experimenting with food is fun and you’ll rarely make something that’s “horrible”. Just use each experience as a time for learning and you’ll soon be creating new dishes.

I put theIMG_5678 (3) recipe for pie crust in my last blog, so today we’re only going to do the filling and whipped topping, both of which are from boxes. It’s really weird, but we never eat frozen dinners or pre-made foods, but I don’t mind taking shortcuts with some things for desserts.

For the filling I used one box (6 servings) of instant vanilla pudding. I followed the box directions for pie and used 2 1/2 cups milk. Mix this well. Cut about 3-5 bananas into slices and add to pudding. Mix well. Pour into pie shell that is comIMG_5679 (4)pletely cooled.

For the topping you can use whipped cream that’s all ready to go, or I use Dream Whip. Because I don’t like to take up freezer space for things that I don’t use often and because I don’t run to the store (closest one is a half hour from our house) when I need things, Dream Whip is handy to keep in my pantry.

For thIMG_5687 (3)e Dream Whip or other packaged topping, follow directions on the box. It may seem like it’s never going to get fluffy and hold a “peak”, but just keep whipping it at high speed and it will get there.

When ready to serve, slice pie and top with whipped topping and other garnishes. I used a bit of chocolate syrup and chopped walnuts. Toasted coconut is also very good on top. Enjoy!

IMG_5688 (3)


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