Rustically Primitive

Primitive2 (2)At this time of year I always start thinking about doing things around the house to fresheprimitive5n it up.  My goal for our home is to make it feel comfortable and lived in. I want people who come here to feel like they can take off their shoes, put their feet up, relax, and spend time visitng and watching the world go by. I don’t want my home to look like everything is brand new and hasn’t been used. Not that I want anything to look like it’s falling apart or have someone be afraid to sit because a chair might break, but I think you get the general drift!

When we lived in Bellevue, Nebraska, we had a definite “style” for our house. It was a combination of traditional and contemporary. Here, in the mountains of Colorado, we basically knew that we wanted our home to be “mountain-ish”, but I don’t want everything to looprimitive3k like it came from a “mountain home” store.  I prefer to have things that you can’t find in every ski and tourist town in the state, so I sprinkle my home with things that are a little more unusual or hand made.

If I had to describe my style of decorating at this time in my life and in the home primitive9we live in now, I would say that it’s cabin/country/rustic/primitive electic.  Sound confusing?  It’s not, really!  I like the cabin look, but I also like country and rustic styles. primitive8Primitive, to me, is a nice accent for all three of those styles of decorating. The reason that cabin, country, rustic, and primitive work so well together is that they are all really very similar, so it’s an easy mix.

Since I know what style direction I’m going, I decided that to perk thin primitive7gs up this spring I’ll focus on finding or making accessories to add a little pizzazz to what we already have. My goal will be to repurpose items we currently have or make things with materials that we can find outside or that we have on hand.

Now, the fun part comes. I’m off to spend some time on Pinterest looking for free patterns and ideas.  Happy decorating!


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