Off to Ouray

Someone just reminded me that I never finished our trip a few weeks ago from Moab, Utah to Ouray, Colorado, so off we go…

Jack and I left Moab and took an east/south east route to Ouray.  Basically, it was UT-48 to CO-90 and then onward to Ouray.  The road was really nice and it was cleared of snow, which is always a very good thing in winter.  It was scenic, relaxing, and quiet and we would definitely take that route again.

We drove for awhile and were surprised that there wasn’t more traffic then we encountered.  We passed through a couple of really small towns and saw quite a few cows & some were free range on the pavement.  We’re used to free range cattle at our house, but we live on dirt roads, so it was a little different seeing them on highways.

IMG_5358As we got closer to Ouray, we say a range of mountains off to our right that were really pretty.  The San Juan Mountains are beautiful!  They’re majestic and jagged looking and the snow on top of them was really spectacular!  We were so intrigued by them that we decided to stop and take some photos.  It’s amazing that it was was only about 30 degrees and there was a lot of snow, but I was wearing flip-flops and it felt really good outside.

We drove on to Ouray and got there around noon.  We’ve been there quite a bit and we love Ouray.  It’s a nice town that isn’t too touristy, but has a lot of shops and other things to do.  Jack and I decided to go to lunch, so we chose the Goldbelt Bar & Grill.

The GolIMG_5375dbelt Bar & Grill has outdoor and indoor seating, but we chose indoor that day.  Jack had a hamburger and I had chicken strips.  The chicken strips were off of the appetizer section of the menu, but they came with fries, so I ordered it for my meal.  I love chicken strips and it’s harder than you would think to find good ones, but the Goldbelt’s chicken strips were great!  Jack’s hamburger was good too.  🙂  The portions of food were very generous and we could have easily shared a meal.

ouray hot springsAfter we ate, we wanted to go to the hot springs there.  Ouray Hot Springs Pool is a nice facility that has a areas for both soaking and relaxing outside of the springs.  The setting is more like a pool, except that people don’t really swim there.  Sometimes there are kids that are a little bit more active, but for the most part you can find a place to close your eyes and just chill for awhile.  A couple of things to know about that particular hot springs is that their basic charge is pretty low, but then they add for lockers, towels, and showers.  Also, they have suits you can “rent” in case you didn’t bring one with you.  Most hot springs don’t offer that!

ouray victorian innAfter soaking for a few hours, (we just close our eyes and clear our minds so we can really enjoy the time in the mineral water) we went to our hotel.  We had reservations at the Victorian Inn.  We normally take Sami with us whenever we can, so it’s important that we find pet friendly hotels that are nice.  Many of them that list themselves as pet friendly don’t even have a small grassy area for dogs, so we do our best to find something that has a place we can take her to to get a little exercise and “potty”.  Our hotel was right next to the river and it had a nice yard area that Sami enjoyed.  Also, our room was very large with two nice chairs and a small table between them for relaxing.  The bathroom was large enough and the counter was especially nice for me and Jack since we’re both tall and the counter was a little higher than many of them are.  The bed was comfortable and we had a good sleep.

IMG_5384Breakfast was included with our room, but we decided to get an early start home in the morning, so we skipped breakfast.  We took a drive around town before leaving and then started our journey home.  About a half hour out of town we were regretting having skipped our morning meal, so we stopped in Ridgeway at Kate’s Place.  Kate’s was really cute inside and there wereIMG_5380 a lot of locals there.  Our meals were very good and filled us up.  The service was very good, too, and it was a nice experience.

After our time in Moab and Ouray, it was time to go home and get back to reality, so off we went.  More adventures to follow –

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