Taco Salad

Jack and I had so muchSami (1 of 8) for breakfast that we skipped lunch completely.  It was dinner time, so I decided to make taco salads.  Now, it doesn’t take a recipe to make taco salad, but sometimes people ask me how to make them, so here are the basics.  Feel free to use anything that you would like.

Start with lettuce.  I know that iceberg lettuce has pretty much no nutritional value, but I like it’s crispiness so I use it for tacos or taco salads.  An hour or more before making your salad, take the core out of your lettuce and rinse it with cold water.  Turn it so the core side is down and put it in a container in the fridge to drain and crisp.  When you’re ready to start making your salad, take the lettuce out and slice it into nice, bite sized pieces.  Put it in individual bowls, plates, or a largSami (6 of 8)e serving dish/bowl that everyone cSami (5 of 8)an take what they want from.

After the lettuce, layer broken Doritos (I like taco or nacho cheese flavor), black beans, cooked hamburger (if you want, I like it with just the beans), tomatoes and onions, salsa (instead of salad dressing), grated cheese, and sour cream (Jack likes it, but I leave it off of mine).  Super simple, inexpensive, and tasty.  Enjoy!

Sami (8 of 8)

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