Today was Friday the 13th (my mother’s lucky number), but it was also a beautiful March day.  I had to work and so did Jack, and even though we were mostly inside, we could still appreciate how nice it was outside and be grateful for good weather.

Jack Sami (1 of 2)gets home from work quite a bit before I do, so he frequently sees animals that I don’t get to see.  Tonight, while I was still working, Jack sent a couple of pictures of our yard when he got home.  Several horses were munching on grass on the side of our house.  When Jack went to come inside, the horses seemed to want to follow him.  Now, I have to tell you that horses and livestock of any kind aren’t Jack’s cup of tea, but he managed to get inside and leave the horses out.  Our neighbor, Kathy, has horses, so Jack called her and sure enough, they were hers.  They had gotten out of the fence and decided to wander and check out the neighborhood.  Kathy came over, harnessed one of them, and led him home with the others following.

After Kathy left, Jack went to do something and noticed two cats by his shed.  One was black and the other was gray striped.  They most likely followed Kathy when she came over and decided to stay for awhile.  We love cats and always enjoy when they come to visit.  Sometimes they even bring kittens, which is especially fun for us.

Jack caSami (2 of 2)me inside and Sami was looking out the dining room window.  There were a bunch of deer in the back yard, just meandering around.  They really aren’t too afraid of us or Sami and they’ll often come right up to the window and look in at us.  I think they’re rather curious about Sami and they know that she can’t get to them.

It was nice to get the pictures of the horses and deer while I was at work.  It was also nice to have a red fox (they’re so pretty) run across the road in front of me while I was driving home tonight and to have rabbits hopping along on the sides of the road.  It’s easy to get so busy and caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to take time to “smell the roses”,  so when we see the wild animals that wander around out here, it reminds us to just slow down and enjoy life.   I hope you take time this weekend to look around and see what nature has to offer.  You might be amazed at how much fun you can have when you just open your eyes to the beauty of nature.

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