A Tale of Two Attitudes

Negative work period - Businesswoman tired of the negative...Negative Nelly –

Morning came too early. I don’t want to get out of bed. Work…yuck! I don’t want to go. Who am I working with? Them, again? Why do I have to work with them? The patients are demanding. The families are demanding. Work expects too much. I can’t do my job and everyone else’s. Where’s our clerk?  Where are our techs? How come no one answers the phone and call lights? Will this day never end?

Positive Patty –

Morning’s here already! I can’t wait to get this day started. Today’s going to be a good day at work. Who am I working with? Yea, it’s them! I haven’t worked with them in awhile. The patients are worried, what can we do to help them? The families are concerned about their loved ones. What can we do to help them? Work’s busy, but we can handle it. Let’s help each other. Our clerk is helping the other techs take care of our patients. The nurses are busy, so we’ll answer the phones and call lights when we can. This day has gone really quickly and it’s time to go home.

Which one are you? Negative Nelly or Positive Patty?  Who do you plan to be tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Attitudes

  1. I think I would fall into the “Positive Pete” category. For me to be a “Positive Patty” would mean that I were a woman or a crossdresser, neither of which is true 😉

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  2. You my Dear are definitely Positive Patty. Your family, your friends, your patients, your co-workers and your employers are so lucky to have you. And . . . your Mother feels very blessed. Best Wishes to my Positive Patty (Positive Jeanne).
    Love You!

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