IMG_4879Jack and I had several days off together so went on a trip to Moab, Utah.  We had been there before, but we really enjoyed our time there and decided to go back to do some things we wished we had done previously.  We left early Friday morning and stopped in Buena Vista for breakfast. Jan’s is a local restaurant that has good, home cooked, family style food with good sized portions.  It’s not fancy, but we care more about quality than appearance, so we’re always pleased with our meals when we eat there.  Jack and I had a good breakfast and then continued on our way.  

We drove north through Leadville and were surprised to find that it was the weekend was for Leadville Skijoring.  As the Leadville website says, “This annual event is held in downtown Leadville.  Skijoring entails a horse and rider pulling a skier down a snow-packed road over jumps while spearing rings in a timed competition.  Since 1949 this captivating winter sport is as much fun to watch as it is to participate in!”  If we had known ahead of time that it was happening on a weekend that we were both off work, we would have planned to be there for it.  Next year we’ll definitely attend!

We kept on dIMG_4882riving and then stopped when we got to Minturn, which isn’t too far from Leadville.  It’s a cute little town that’s just south of Interstate 70 and we found a nice antique shop to spend some time browsing in.  There were several old cars for sale that were parked in front and many interesting items inside.  It was a fun place to look around, but it was also pretty pricey!

Westward toward Moab, but we made another stop in Grand Junction for gas and for a sandwich for Jack.  After Grand Junction, it’s a long time and distance until we get to another gas station and we like to take a lot of roads that are “off of the beaten path”, so we knew we’d better make sure the car’s gas tank was full.  We crossed into Utah and then took a “scenic drive” down to Moab.  It’s extremebly dry out there and not much grows.  We did see a large flock of sheep, but not much else that was living.  🙂

We got to Moab and checked into our hotel.  We had reservations at the Days Inn and we very pleased with our room.  It was good sized, clean, and pleasantly quiet.  The hotel has an indoor hot tub that is really nice and also an outdoor pool in a courtyard.  A bonus is that they don’t charge for pets, so Sami got to stay for free!  Breakfast is included with the room and it’s a very good selection (as we found out the next morning), so no complaints there.

We took a litIMG_5298tle trip to Arches National Park to figure out where we wanted to be in the morning to have the best views of the sunrise over the rock formations.  There are so many things to see there that it’s difficult to choose one place to be for sunrise and sunset if you’re taking pictures.  We finally made our decision and then went to dinner.

A place called The Blue Pig had been recommended to us and we got a discount from our hotel to go there, so we gave it a try.  It was O.K., but not a place we’d go back to.  Maybe it’s because we’re used to Midwest style bar-be-Que, or maybe it’s because we’re used to larger portions for the money that’s spent, but regardless, we didn’t feel that it was a good value.  Jack got a pulled pork sandwich that was supposed to come with a side of coleslaw.  When it came, the coleslaw was on top of the meat, not on the side.  It just seemed a bit strange since there wasn’t another side with it, so technically, no side at all with his sandwich!

IMG_5051Saturday morning we got up early and caught the sunrise at Arches.  There are some formations there that always remind me of pioneers looking out over the land (on the left top of the photo).  Something about them intrigues me and I find myself drawn to them over and over.  We both got some pictures that we liked and left the park before it startedIMG_5070 getting crowded.

The last time Jack and I were in Moab we had found some petroglyphs on rock walls near the river.  We had a general idea of what route we had previously taken to see them, so off we went to try to find them again.  It’s amazing that they’ve been there since sometime between 600 A.D.-1300 A.D.! 

IMG_5207When we left the petroglyphs, we continued up the road to see where it went.  We kept on driving after we left the pavement and followed the dirt road.  Eventually, we found ourselves on a road that you can see when you’re looking out toward the Colorado River while you’re at Dead Horse Point.  It was a nice drive and there was only one area that was a little bit narrow with a good dropoff.  O.K.  It was more than a little narrow, but not really scary after driving on a lot of Colorado mountain roads at 14,000 ft with no railings!

IMG_5290It was time to go back to Moab and we opted for a late lunch, early dinner at Pasta Jay’s.  Pasta Jay’s is a nice Italian restaurant that has indoor and outdoor seating, so we sat outside.  We had eaten there before and we enjoyed it as much this time as we did previously.  Jack and I shared a very large salad and then we each had an entree.  It was really too much food, but it was very, very good.

Back to our hotel for a little time in the hot tub and a short nap before hIMG_5258eading out again.  We made it up to Arches in time to get in place for some night pictures.  It was an almost full moon, so we wanted to take advantage of it.  The sun went down and the stars came out.  You wouldn’t believe how many stars you could see!  We thought that we could see a lot at our house since we live so far away from any cities, but those that we saw at Arches far exceeded our expectations!  It was a great night for star gazing.

IMG_5338We were somewhat lazy on Sunday.  The highlights of the day were a little shopping in the morning and then dinner at Zax, also a place we’ve eaten at before.  Zax is another indoor/outdoor restaurant.  They have a good pizza buffet and a lot of other menu items to choose from.  Jack and I both had the pizza/salad buffet and found plenty to choose from.  It was a nice evening and we sat in the outdoor area.  They have a fun fire feature there that we got to enjoy and it was a nice evening.

Moab is aIMG_5116 fun place to go to if you enjoy being outside.  We’ve been there at the beginning of May and then again this time, the beginning of March.  I would definitely go at this time of year again as opposed to later toward summer.  It gets pretty warm, so we much prefer the temperatures now.  If you go, plan spend enough time to enjoy the parks.  You can drive through them and enjoy them that way or you can also plan to do some hiking.  Be sure to bring plenty of water and stay hydrated.  It’s also a good idea to bring some food in your car since you may find yourself doing a lot of driving.

5 thoughts on “Moab

  1. Sounds like a great trip, Jeanne! Thanks for sharing and describing it so eloquently. Glad you and Jack were able to get away!


  2. Loved Arches (and Canyonlands) when we took Lani there. Also went down to Hovenweep – remnants of an ancient village.


    • We didn’t make it down to Canyonlands. I think that’s going to be another trip. Also, we hadn’t heard about Hovenweep, so we’ll have to check that out, too!


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