St. Elmo

Ghost town – a once thriving town, usually from the old west, that has been abandoned, normally due to economic conditions.

IMG_1684Jack and I love taking small trips around here and last summer we started checking out old ghost towns.  There are a lot of them around Colorado and they’re interesting to go to.  Some of them are in pretty good shape, while others may be just a few old logs from the foundations of cabins and buildings that fell down years ago.  Regardless, it’s an adventure whenever we go!

One of our favorite places to go to is St. Elmo,_Colorado.  In the winter, it’s abandoned.  In the summer, there are actually quite a few people there and it’s very touristy.  St. Elmo is on County Rd 162 between Salida and Buena Vista.  If you go up to the road toward Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and keep on going, you’ll end up in St. Elmo.

In the winter, it’s very pretty and quiet.  The snow in the mountains make a good backdrop for the town and it’s a good time to take pictures without a lot of people walking around.  In the summer, it’s pretty busy.  The chipmunks and golden mantel squirrels are very friendly and will eat out of your hand.  The general store there sells bags of sunflower seeds to feed them.  Our grandson had a great time feeding them and having them crawl all over him and he was giggling non-stop.  It was really fun for us to watch!

One of my favorite times to go to St. Elmo is in the fall.  The mountains surrounding the town are full of pines and aspens, and when the aspens start turning colors, it’s quite beautiful!  The golden colors mingling with the green from the pines is really pretty.  It reminds me of why the people came here originally, to find gold!

On your way back down the mountain, stop by Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and relax in the water.  You can sit in the river that runs down from the mountain (there are little areas where the hot water pools) or in an actual pool.  It’s a fun place to go and you won’t regret it.

No matter where you live, there are interesting things to do if you just take the time to look for them.  Take a day trip and go exploring.  Enjoy life!

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