I have an IMG_4670unexpected day at home and nothing planned, so I decided to do some little projects.  I need to clean a few closets, sort out old magazines and get rid of them (I take them to the hospital for visitors to read), and organize our book shelves.  I also have some flowers that I’ve dried, so I’m going to make potpourri with them.

I love flowers, but always feel badly when they start drying up and it’s time to throw them away.  Sometimes I dry the petals so I can use them for projects or potpourri.  When I’m drying the flowers, I cut the tops off of the stems and then lay them on paper towels.  If there arIMG_4671e any petals that are loose or falling off, I pull them off and lay them flat.  Once the petals are dry, you can use them for anything you want.  Some of the flowers that I’m using today “went to seed” and there are little fuzzies in with the petals.  Remove the fuzzies before you use the petals.

For this very easy project you’ll need some dried flowers, a jar or bowl, essential oil (optional, but it adds a nice smell), and raffia or some kind of trim if you want to add it.  Put the petals into a jar or bowl.  Drop a little essential oil in your choice of aromas on top of the pIMG_4672etals.  Caution: if your oil doesn’t have a plastic insert in the top thatIMG_4676 allows you to regulate how much you’re using, be sure to use something (I used a potato peeler because it fits inside the bottle) to remove small amounts of oil and drop onto the petals.  If you used a jar to put your petals in, you can leave it open on top (my preference today), or cut a circle of lace that’s larger than the top and cover it with that.  Regardless of if you leave it open or cover with lace, wrap raffia or some kind of trim around the neck of your jar and you’re done.  It’s easy, cute, smells nice, and doesn’t cost anything at all to make.  Even Sami loves it!


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