Our Pantry

Jack and I were used to living in a pretty big house before we moved here.  We went from over 4000 sf to 1450 sf, so that was quite a difference.  At our old house, we had plenty of room for everything we wanted.  At this house, we have room for what we need, and a little more room for what we want.  Also, we now live over half an hour (on a good day) from the nearest grocery store, so it’s essential that we have a good pantry to store products.  We knew that we needed to use every available inch of space that we had for storage, so we really thought about what we needed and what wasn’t necessary.

This is how we decided to create useful storage:

Basically, the laundry room pantry contains items that are boxed or bagged. The reasoning behind that is that we’re less likely to get mice in that room.  Not that we’ve had mice since we got Sami. She’s a rat terrier and I think they know she’s here.  Run mice!  🙂  I am, however, terrified of mice, so I would rather be as careful as possible so we don’t attract them.

Our house did have a laundry sink in it, but that’s not something that we thought was really important.  We took that out and put a rack/drawer system in.  The drawers are great for storing cake & muffin mixes, soup mixes, instant potatoes, and small cans and jars (like pimento and chopped green chilies).  We also put shelves above the washer and dryer for cereal and plastic bins containing baking items (powered and brown sugar, chocolate chips, etc).  Extra paper towels, purchased in bulk, are stacked on top of my dryer.

The guest bathroom holds everything that’s canned or bottled.  It was a huge room when we moved in and we thought it was a major waste of space, so Jack divided it into an entry/mud room and a smaller bathroom.  When he was building the walls, I asked him to leave the drywall off one side and put some shelves in it.  Also, there was an area that had a separate water heater in it, which we removed.  We had put a whole house on-demand heater in, so we didn’t need that big one taking up space.

Jack installed a large metal shelving area where the water heater had been.  We considered using sliding doors to finish the space, but decided on curtains for now.

Sometimes you have to think a little bit “outside of the box” when you’re looking for storage and organization possibilities.  Look around your house, think about what you have available, and open your eyes and mind to new possibilities.

Have a happy week-

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