Cripple Creek 2015 Ice Festival

We love going to Cripple Creek for their ice festival each year.  This year was no exception. At 8:30 at night, toward the end of February, with a temperature of 11* F and at an altitude of 9494 ft., it felt nice outside and was warm and toasty inside of the music tent.

Jack and I had dinner at our favorite steak house there, then spent some time outside looking at the beautiful ice sculptures.  Unfortunately, there was a blizzard predicted, so there wasn’t nearly as much foot traffic on the streets as there normally is.

Regardless of the weather, the sculptures were done and they were really pretty, as they are every year.  Normally there’s a “theme” for the ice festival, but this year it was open to whatever the sculptors wanted to do, so it was all over the board.

It was snowing a little bit, but it was still fun to browse around outside.  The lights from the casinos were pretty in the background and the snow made it feel a little bit magical.

When we were done looking at the ice sculptures, we went to the music tent to see what was going on there.  They had a bar made of ice, which I don’t remember from past ice festivals.

Cripple Creek is a pretty small town, so it wasn’t surprising that we ran into some people we knew in the tent.  Everyone was having a good time.  The music was nice and the band played a nice mix of genres.

When we were getting ready to leave, a man came up to Jack to thank him for helping him at the hardware store.  Apparently, Jack had done something that really helped him with his house and he (the man) was very appreciative.  He introduced himself to me, told me what a nice guy Jack was, and how much he had helped him.  Then, he kissed my hand.  Awww!  How sweet!  It really brought home how much little things that we do and take for granted really make a huge impact in other people’s lives.

Jack and I both love living here.  All of the small town activities that are available to us enrich our lives in ways that we didn’t have when we lived in a bigger city.  We’re so thankful for our simple life and the constant reminders of how lucky we are.

Remember to take time to help other people when you can.  Sometimes the littlest things are really what someone else needs to make it through the day.  You never know when something simple, like a smile, a kind word, or a little bit of help can change someone’s life.

Have a happy week!


2 thoughts on “Cripple Creek 2015 Ice Festival

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