Valentine’s Day

Free Vintage Valentine Clip Art

Hoping that your angels are watching over you and that you have a wonderful day!

Jack knows how much I believe in angels and he sent this to me years ago.  I love this poem and thought I would share it with you. 



Overhead I can feel them, the wind of their wings
Sweeping softly across our hearts.
Embracing the fear and hurt.
The sweetness of their touch, they’re all around us,
Supporting, protective and oh so beautiful.

Watching out for us, waiting for us to bloom and learn.
Helping us see and heal our broken memories.
We never needed them before,
We never listened to our hearts
I never truly believed, the only thing existing was you

I dreamed of us being together nights on end
Imagined us dancing forever
And you being my best friend
When it happened, my dream came true
I was so happy that I was finally with you

Living every second of our lives as it were a dream
You made my life incredible, you were a part of my heart
Your whispers carried on the winds, your scent in the air
Just looking in your eyes… gazing.
We loved… we forgot… we lost.

But now, overhead, I can feel them, wrapping their wings around us
Bringing us an old love, a new hope, a new dream without pain.
I know that what we have is a gift, a chance. I see them.
They listened, and this time, we have our angels to guide us
All we have to do is open our minds, our hearts, our eyes and believe.

by Lance Thompson

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